Disposable medical, N95, KN95 masks.

Disposable medical, N95, KN95 masks.

Model: N95, KN95, Medical mask

Price: $1.00

Supplier: Medical Supplies

Categories: Mask

Guarantee, repair and return.


Disposable medical, N95, KN95 masks are sold in large quantities.

Solve Your Needs for Anti-Virus Mask in Covid-2019 Pandemic.

What Products Can We Offer

Disposable medical mask

Medical surgical mask

Particulate protection mask

Medical protective mask

Recommended Use

1. Lower Risk

People-intensive places and working environments    

Public attending medical institutions    

Intensive learning and activities for children in kindergartens, students, etc. 


2. Medium Risk

General outpatient and ward working medical staff    

Engaged in administrative, police, security, and courier related to the epidemic    

People who live in isolation and live with them

3. Higher Risk

Emergency Medical Staff    

Epidemiological investigation of close contacts    

Testing staff for outbreak-related samples

4. High Risk

Outbreaks in epidemic areas    

Isolation ward medical staff    

High-risk medical workers such as intubation and incision    

Isolated area service staff (cleaning, corpse disposal, etc.)    

Epidemiological investigators at confirmed and suspected sites


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