Omron compact AC frequency converter Q2V-AB002-AAA

Omron compact AC frequency converter Q2V-AB002-AAA

Model: Q2V-AB002-AAA

Price: $0.00

Brands: OmronOmron

Categories: Motion & Drives

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Omron frequency Inverter Q2V-AB002-AAA. Inverter Q2V, 1x200V, ND: 1,9 A / 0,37 kW, HD: 1,6 A / 0,25 kW, IP20, EMC filter class C1, max. output freq. 590Hz.

Features: The Q2 family offers a compact AC drive that combines easy operation with high-efficiency control for almost any motor type. The result is a robust product designed for maintenance free long-term operation. Hardware cost reduction: Built-in C1/C2/C3 class EMC filter and embedded functional safety (STO SIL3/PLe). Flexible motor control: IM, PM & SynRM motors. Customize your drive to your application by intuitive drag and drop programming. Save engineering and commissioning time thanks to software tools, mobile app and wizards. Proven robustness: Reduce machine downtime thanks to higher protection from dust and humidity.

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