Eaton low voltage air circuit breaker IZM91B3-V06CW

Eaton low voltage air circuit breaker IZM91B3-V06CW

Model: IZM91B3-V06CW

Price: $1.00

Supplier: EATON

Categories: Circuit Breakers

Guarantee, repair and return.


Eaton low voltage air circuit breaker IZM91B3-V06CW. Performance in a compact package, the IZM91 delivers powerful protection up to 1600A. With a volume of just 24dm3 and a front surface just slightly larger than an A4 size sheet of paper, the IZM91 is the smallest air circuit-breaker in the world.

Compact globally certified low voltage air power circuit breaker (ACB).
Rated 630 - 1600 amperes (IEC 60947-2/GB) with an interrupting capacity of 65 kA and short time withstand of 42 kA at the 400 Vac level.
Provides all the capabilities of a power circuit breaker in the compact size of a molded case breaker, half the size of a typical ACB.
One frame size, regardless of ampere rating, reduces drawing conversion, structure integration time and parts inventory.
The Most Advanced Technology. - Rogowski coil - does not saturate like iron core sensors, and one sensor accommodates 200 - 1600 ampere range. You never have to change a sensor and CTs are not required.

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