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News September 14, 2020

MTL SD range

Ultra-slim user-friendly devices for protecting electronic equipment and systems against surges on signal and I/O cabling.

The MTL SD range is a series of surge protection devices combining unparalleled packing densities, application versatility, proven reliable hybrid circuitry, simple installation and optional ‘loop disconnect’ facilities – features which make the range the ultimate surge protection solution for process equipment, I/O systems and communications networks. The exceptionally high packing densities are the consequence of an ultra slim ‘footprint’ for individual modules which can thus ‘double-up’ as feedback terminals. Each module provides full hybrid surge protection for 2 and 3 wire loop protection.


SDX units, available in 7V, 16V, 32V and 55V versions (SD07X, SD16X, SD32X and SD55X respectively) are suitable for a wide range of applications including THCs, 4-20mA loops, shut-down systems and fire and gas detectors.


• Range of ATEX Certified intrinsically safe surge protectors

• Ultra-slim space-saving design; easy installation

• Multistage hybrid protection circuitry – 20kA maximum surge current

• Range of voltage ratings – to suit all process I/O applications

• High bandwidth, low resistance, RTD, PSTN and 3-wire transmitter versions available

• 10 year product warranty

MTL SD32X surge protection