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MTL5500 range intrinsically safe isolator: MTL5541, MTL5544D.

News September 14, 2020

MTL4541/S – MTL5541/S REPEATER POWER SUPPLY 4/20mA, HART®, 2- or 3-wire transmitters.

MTL4544D – MTL5544D REPEATER POWER SUPPLY single channel, 4/20mA, HART® for 2- or 3-wire transmitters, two outputs.

The MTL5500 range modules are versatile yet simple to apply

The MTL5500 (DIN-rail mounting) and MTL4500 (backplane mounting) isolators share a common design, differing only in the mechanical mounting and connection methods.

● Compact modular design with DIN rail mounting

● High packing density

● Single and multi-channel I/O modules

● 3-port isolation with low power dissipation

● Compatible with MTL5000

MTL5541, MTL5544D