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Spot sales Schneider variable speed drive ATV320U30N4B.

News September 14, 2020

Schneider Low Voltage AC variable speed drive ATV320U30N4B, ATV320, 3 kW, 380…500 V, 3 phases, book.

Altivar Machine ATV320

Smart variable speed drive from 0.18 to 15kW (0.25 to 20Hp).

Altivar Machine ATV320, a variable speed drive designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that meets simple and advanced application requirements for 3-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors. The IP21/65/66/UL type offers 4X the protection, embedded safety functions (STO,SS1,SLS,SMS,GDL) and Integrated PLC (Altivar Logic) gives the user the best performance for the investment.