ABB ACS880-01-169A-3+B056+D150 wall-mounted industrial drive

ABB ACS880-01-169A-3+B056+D150 wall-mounted industrial drive

Model: ACS880-01-169A-3+B056+D150

Price: $1.00

Brands: ABBABB

Categories: Low voltage AC drives

Guarantee, repair and return.


ABB ACS880-01-169A-3+B056+D150 wall-mounted industrial drive, 0.55 to 250 kW / 230 to 690 V. ABB ACS880-01 compact wall-mounted drives with all important features built-in the drive, saving installation space and time. Enjoy premium control of virtually any type of AC motor with direct torque control (DTC), including permanent magnet motors and synchronous reluctance motors. Flexibility is thanks to universal connectivity and a broad range of internal and external options.

● Built on ABB’s common drives architecture
● IP20, IP21 and IP55 enclosure classes
● Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
● Integrated safety including STO as standard
● Intuitive control panel with USB port
● EMC filter, choke and brake chopper built-in
● Supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols, I/O and encoder options
● Flexible I/O and encoder options
● Marine type approved design

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