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ABB motor price adjustment notice.

News December 23, 2020


ABB motor price adjustment notice

Dear customers

Thank you for your long-term trust and support for ABB motor! As the prices of raw materials continue to rise in recent months, which has caused great pressure on the production cost, in order to ensure that we can provide high-quality products and services to customers as always, after careful consideration of the company's management, Shanghai ABB Motor Co., Ltd. has decided to adjust the price of low-voltage motor products as follows:

1: IE2 M2BAX, M2BAX marine motors. Price increase: 6%

2: IE3 M2BAX. Price increase: 4%

3: Other series of motors. Price increase: 8%

The above price adjustment will take effect from December 12, 2020.

We hope to get your understanding and active cooperation on this price adjustment. ABB will continue to thank you for your trust and support with high quality products and services, and look forward to further long-term friendly cooperation with you!

Shanghai ABB Motor Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation of this notice.

ABB Shanghai Motors Co., Ltd.

December 11, 2020