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In 2020, the company will provide benefits for its employees!

News January 19, 2020

At the coming of the new year, our company will provide new year's benefits to all colleagues, organize all mobilization activities, and wish you a happy New Year!

Sunup provides new year's welfare, various delicious snacks, healthy nuts and a set of practical tableware for every employee of the company. All the staff will get together to have dinner in advance to toast the new year and send the most sincere New Year greetings to all colleagues. And the boss enlarges our blood and takes us to the famous "dream of water · business club" in Wuhan to experience bathing, leisure, health care, fitness, entertainment, self-service food, etc., relax our body and mind, enjoy a comfortable day, and have a close contact with all kinds of entertainment.

The most important thing is that the boss rewards the year-end bonus for the hard-working employees! Annual bonus! annual bonus...! Tell you secretly that some employees have 100000 yuan, isn't it exciting? It's better to act than move. Join us as soon as possible. Our company is still looking for the right employees.