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Congratulations to friends, happy nowruz day

News March 20, 2020

Dear persons and Iranians:

Sunup wishes a happy nowruz day to the Persians and Iranians.

Today is Nowruz, the widely celebrated Persian New Year. It is customary to wish your friends and family on the day of Nowruz. So, if you want to wish your Parsi friends or relatives, then here are a few Nowruz wishes that you can send to them. 

Hope this Nowruz brings lots of love & warmth for you and your loved ones... Do not hate anyone as we have got the LIFE to LOVE and NOT to HATE others. Happy Nowruz!

May you achieve success in every facet of life, and all your heartfelt wishes come true, Wishing you a Happy New Year of Happiness & Prosperity, Navroz Mubarak

May the glory of King spread all over, May Lord praise us in galore, Let’s pray for happiness and prosperity... May this Parsi New Year give us Happiness. Happy Navroz

The novel coronavirus is affecting the whole world on this special day. We can not abandon life and fight against the virus.

Some time ago, our company also sent medical materials to Iranian customers to help our friends.

We hope that the virus will be far away as soon as possible, and we can live a normal life.

Sunup (Wuhan) Import and Export Co., Ltd

March 20, 2020