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Hot sale CKD C4000-15-W-T8-G59P / G59D-8-P10 / 4F520E-15-TP-X-DC24V.

News May 14, 2020

CKD C4000-15-W-T8-G59P Filter / Regulator / Lubricator

F.R.L. combination standard white Series

C1000/C2500/C3000/C4000/C6500/C8000-W Series 

Filter + Regulator + Lubricator

Port size: 1/8 to 1

Boost your system with modularization. Dual element construction provides long life.


CKD General purpose pressure gauge model G59D-8-P10

G59D Features:

√ General-use pressure gauge

√ A general purpose pressure gauge with an extensive pressure display range (0.2 MPa to 2.0 MPa). 

√ The lineup also includes clean-room specifications.

√ Copper and PTFE free type

√ Copper ion prevention treatment. 

√ Port size: R1/8, R1/4


CKD Solenoid Valve model 4F520E-15-TP-X-DC24V

Explosion-proof 3,5-port solenoid valves 4F※※0E Features

Explosion-proof solenoid valve that can be used in Class 1 Hazardous Area (Zone 1) and Class 2 Hazardous Area (Zone 2). (Structural standard).

[Applicable cylinder φ63 to 250]

[Performance and standards] 

Qualification No. 

Class A: No. T64364 

Class H: No. T64363 

Explosion-proof performance: d2G4

[Compatible with outdoor use] 

When model no.“TP”is selected, it is compliant with JIS stormproof structures.

CKD C4000-15-W-T8-G59P

CKD 4F520E-15-TP-X-DC24V G59D-8-P10