MTL5582B MTL Resistance Isolator, MTL5500 range

MTL5582B MTL Resistance Isolator, MTL5500 range

Model: MTL5582B

Price: $291.00

Brands: MTLMTL

Categories: MTL5500 range

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The MTL5582B connects to a 2-, 3-, or 4-wire resistance temperature device (RTD) or other resistance located in a hazardous area, isolates it and repeats the resistance to a monitoring system in the safe area. The module is intended typically (but not exclusively) for use with Pt100 3-wire RTDs. Switches enable selection of 2-, 3-, or 4-wire RTD connection. The MTL5582B should be considered as an alternative, non-configurable MTL5575, for use in RTD applications where a resistance input is preferred or needed instead of 4/20mA. The design is notable for its ease of use and repeatability. The number of wires which can be connected on the safe-area side of the unit is independent of the number of wires which can be connected on the hazardous-area side. The module drives upscale in the case of open circuit detection.

MTL4582B - MTL5582B



Number of channels


Location of RTD

Zone 0, IIC, T4 hazardous area

Div. 1, Group A, hazardous location

Resistance source

2-, 3-, or 4-wire* RTDs to BS 1904/DIN 43760 (100Ω at 0°C)

*user selectable by switches (factory set for 3-wire)

Resistance range

10Ω to 400Ω

RTD excitation current

200μA nominal

Output configuration

2, 3 or 4 wires (independent of mode selected for hazardous area terminals)

Output range

10Ω to 400Ω (from a 100μA to 5mA source)

Temperature drift

±10mΩ/°C typical (0.01%/°C @ 100Ω)

Response time

To within 4% of final value within 1s

Safety drive on open-circuit sensor

Upscale to 420Ω nominal

Transfer accuracy@20°C

<0.15Ω at excitation current 1 - 5mA

<0.25Ω at excitation current 0.5 - 1mA

LED indicator

Green: power indication

Power requirements, Vs

33mA at 24V

35mA at 20V

28mA at 35V

Maximum power dissipation within unit

0.8W at 24V

1.0W at 35V

Safety description

Terminals 1 and 3

Uo = 1.2V Io = 4mA Po = 1.2mW Um = 253V rms or dc

Non-energy-storing apparatus ≤ 1.5V, ≤ 0.1A, ≤ 25mW; can be connected without further certification into any IS loop with an open circuit voltage < 5V.

Terminals 1, 3, 4 and 5

Uo = 6.51V Io = 10mA Po = 17mW

SIL capable

These models have been assessed for use in IEC 61508 functional safety applications up to SIL 1.

MTL5582B MTL Resistance Isolator, MTL5500 range

MTL5582B MTL Resistance Isolator, MTL5500 range

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