Omron compact frequency Inverter 3G3MX2-A2001-V1

Omron compact frequency Inverter 3G3MX2-A2001-V1

Model: 3G3MX2-A2001-V1

Price: $1.00

Supplier: Omron

Categories: Motion & Drives

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OMRON Multi-function Compact Inverter 3G3MX2-A2001-V1. OMRON inverters provide for energy-efficient operation of facilities and machines with fine speed control. The 3G3MX2 series has a direct connection to the NJ controller via EtherCAT.

Amazing in Control
High starting torque and torque control capability in open loop mode give you full control of your machine dynamics and performance. Options for all of the major open network systems.
Safety in Control
Safety is embedded in the MX2-V1, according to ISO 13849-1, Cat. 3, with two safety inputs and an External Device Monitoring (EDM) output. No external contactors on the motor side are required, meaning simpler wiring for the user.
Position and run!
The MX2-V1 is a drive and position controller in one, ideal for modular machines where moderate positional accuracy is required. Speed synchronisation is also possible, with no additional programming required.
Program and play!
The MX2-V1 gives you the power to create smart solutions using PLC functionality, as standard. Via an intuitive flow chart programming tool, you can create programs with up to 1000 lines of code and with 5 tasks running in parallel.

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